Thursday, March 4, 2010

Send Me Your Small Presses

Dear Friends,

Beginning this week, you can find me blogging over at The Constant Conversation, a new endeavor from the smart review site The Quarterly Conversation. In this new role, I hope to spend much of my time highlighting small presses and the great work they do for poetry, by reviewing chapbooks (an often overlooked but very revealing format in its small size--if poetry is the concision of prose, then the chapbook might be the poetry of the book . . . not sure about that analogy, but perhaps) and presenting interview profiles of small presses and journals. Through these profiles, I want to not only bring attention to the great work these presses do (often as a volunteer effort), but to open a larger conversation about the publishing industry today and its relationship to the book, which I think is very different for those presses devoted to poetry. That said, if you have recommendations for small presses that deserve some publicity and some chapbooks that deserve a further look, please send them my way--and read The Constant Conversation and become a part of the dialogue.

Many thanks,